South Dakota Bankers Foundation Scholarships

South Dakota Bankers FoundationIn support of the South Dakota Bankers Foundation's re-defined mission statement "Developing South Dakota Banking Industry Professionals," the scholarship programming offered through the Foundation is being redesigned. The Foundation is consolidating the former high school scholarships and the post-secondary scholarships into a broader scholarship opportunity that will more directly help to build and sustain South Dakota’s banking workforce. The parameters of this new opportunity are:

  • Beginning this November, the former high school scholarship program will be absorbed into this new scholarship program, along with the post-secondary funds previously given directly to seven educational institutions in the state.
  • SDBA member banks will now be given the opportunity to apply for one of 40, $2,000 scholarships. Applications must be submitted through the parent bank, however, scholarships may be awarded through any of the organization’s locations.
  • These scholarships must be awarded to South Dakota college juniors/seniors with an expressed interest in banking/financial services or second-year South Dakota technical school students with an expressed interest in banking/financial services.
  • There is no match required by member banks, however, banks may choose to supplement this $2,000 award to increase the attractiveness of the scholarship.
  • Recipient banks must award the $2,000 as one scholarship.
  • Recipient banks may add additional requirements to their application process.
  • Follow up data will be collected on scholarship recipients to allow the Foundation Board to evaluate the impact of the programming.
  • Scholarships funds must be awarded as “South Dakota Bankers Foundation Scholarship awarded on behalf of (your institution’s name)”.
  • Scholarship funds must be dispersed to the chosen student by April 1. Any unawarded funds must be returned to the Foundation by April 15.
  • Winners agree to have their names released to the media.
  • This scholarship opportunity will be made available in November of 2020. Be watching for promotional materials this fall.

In addition to this new format, the five named scholarships currently available through the South Dakota Bankers Foundation will continue to be awarded separately and directly through the Foundation. Each of the below scholarships will be awarded to a South Dakota college or university junior with an expressed interest in banking, finance or business. 

  • $3,000 David S. Birkeland Scholarship
  • $1,500 Deb Gates Scholarship
  • $4,000 Alan M. Graff Scholarship
  • $3,000 Joyce Hazeltine Scholarship
  • $3,000 Herman Lerdal Scholarship
For more information on South Dakota Bankers Foundation scholarships, contact Foundation Executive Director Halley Lee.