The SD Bankers Foundation was established in the mid-1980s with the broad purpose of promoting and supporting banking and financial education in South Dakota.  The current mission statement for the Foundation is Developing South Dakota Banking Industry Professionals.  In support of this mission, the Foundation offers the following post-secondary scholarship programs:

  • GSBC Scholarship Opportunities:  

As a co-sponsor of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC), the SD Bankers Association has partnered with GSBC to recognize community banks across South Dakota for their innovative approaches to serving their customers and communities with a new, nomination-based scholarship.

The scholarship is called the Bolder Banking Scholarship and is an extension of GSBC’s Bolder Banking campaign, which aims to highlight bold leaders in the community banking industry by sharing innovative information and ideas with fellow bankers.

The Bolder Banking Scholarship will afford the SDBA the opportunity to recognize and reward our member banks displaying innovative approaches to banking. GSBC will fund the scholarship for a rising star within the recipient bank to use toward tuition at GSBC’s Annual School Session.

SDBA member banks may nominate themselves or another bank to be a Bolder Banking Scholarship recipient.

There is one of these bank-wide scholarships given annually. To submit a Bolder Banking Scholarship nomination for your or another bank displaying innovative, out-of-the-box initiatives, complete the nomination form by February 15, 2024. The recipient bank will be decided on by March 1.

Nomination Form