Ag Banking Schools

The SDBA hosts two national ag banking schools which are held every other year: National School for Beginning Ag Bankers and National School for Experienced Ag Bankers. The next school is the National School for Experienced Ag Bankers on June 21-24, 2021, in Spearfish, S.D.


Bank Compliance School

The Bank Compliance School will be held May 24-27, 2021, virtually and in Bismarck, N.D., by Compliance Alliance in partnership with the South Dakota Bankers Association, North Dakota Bankers Association, Montana Bankers Association and Wyoming Bankers Association. 


Dakota School of Banking

The North Dakota Bankers Association hosts the Dakota School of Banking each June in Jamestown, N.D. Through the use of highly-qualified instructors and a challenging curriculum, this school provides a multi-dimensional educational experience in banking.

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Dakota School of Lending Principles

The Dakota School of Lending Principles is held every other spring and alternates between South Dakota and North Dakota. The school allows bankers to learn the theory and process of basic lending and then put this knowledge to work in hands-on sessions. The next school will be held April 6-9, 2021, in Bismarck, N.D.


Graduate School of Banking Wisconsin

Graduate School of Banking (GSB) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a 25-month program of advanced management education. The school offers a comprehensive course of study focused on meeting the needs of today's bank manager.

GSB Scholarship 


Graduate School of Banking Colorado

Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) is held each July at the University of Colorado Boulder. This 25-month graduate school of banking delivers a relevant and challenging curriculum that deepens students' understanding of community banking.

GSBC Scholarship Information

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GSB Advanced Training

In addition to its annual graduate school, GSB Wisconsin others a variety of advanced training: Bank Technology Management and Security Schools, Financial Managers School, HR Management School, Sales & Marketing School, Advanced IT and Strategic HR Forums, International Bankers Program.

HR Management School Scholarship


GSBC Advanced Training

In addition to its annual graduate school, Graduate School of Banking at Colorado others a variety of advanced training: Community Bank Investments School, Community Bankers Summit, Executive Development Institute for Community Bankers, Workshop on Community Bank Investments.


IRA School

The SDBA's IRA School is the quickest, easiest, most comprehensive way to train new staff in IRAs and HSAs. Attendees will earn new rule changes, reinforce existing rules, and learn what it means to be in or out of compliance. Attendees can ask questions, share with peers and hear real case problems.

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SBS Institute

The SBS Institute provides industry-specific cyber education which prepares students and their financial institutions for cybersecurity threats and regulations. Courses are available online and tailored to specific roles within an institution, creating a flexible and targeted learning experience.


Schools of Banking

The Schools of Banking is sponsored by the Kansas and Nebraska Bankers Associations and offers a variety of schools: School of Banking Fundamentals, Advanced School of Banking, Bank Compliance, Commercial Lending, Lending Principles, Relationship & Business Development, and Trust Schools.  


Trust Certificate Program 

Dakota Wesleyan University has created a unique and comprehensive curriculum for professionals wanting to sharpen their knowledge of trusts and estates, wealth management, tax law and client relationship management. It is primarily delivered in an online format.

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