Appraisers: Learn About New Evaluations Market in South Dakota

During the 2020 South Dakota Legislature, HB 1127 was passed allowing South Dakota credentialed appraisers to do evaluations. While the bill became law on July 1, the rules defining the statute that allow South Dakota appraisers to offer evaluations do not go into effect until after the rules hearing the first part of November.

The South Dakota Appraiser Certification Program is offering a four-hour virtual seminar "Evaluations: Understanding the Brand New Product/Service that SD Appraisers Can Offer their Clients" on Monday, Nov. 16. The seminar will cover the new rules defining when and how South Dakota appraisers can provide evaluations to their clients. The seminar is designed for all real estate appraisers that work in the state. 

The virtual seminar will be held via Zoom from 1-4 p.m. CST, and the cost is $125. Learn more and register.

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