SDBA Committee Functions

The SDBA has several standing committees that assist in directing Association activities in various areas of banking, education and legislation. Committee functions are:

  • Advisory in nature, lending expertise and support to the Association’s programs and operations.
  • Designed to provide members with an opportunity to be involved in their areas of special interest.
  • Focused on projects or issues, which apply to members and augment the Association’s operations.

Operational Guidelines:

  • The vice chair of the SDBA appoints committee vice chairs to chair the committees when he or she is chair of the SDBA.
  • Committee chairs serve one year, May until April 30.
  • Committees receive funding for meetings and or special projects through the general fund budgeting process.
  • Committees should function according to a definitive work plan, and committee work should reflect the SDBA’s overall mission and strategic plan.
  • Committees are required to avoid all conflicts of interest and anti-competitive behavior.
  • Committee chairs and committee members are not empowered to represent the Association with the media, unless cleared by the SDBA president or chair.
  • Work and products created by the volunteer committees are appropriately labeled as the SDBA’s and are not co-branded, unless specific approval is secured from the SDBA president and chair.
  • Committee chairs must maintain confidentiality of all discussions relating to services, products, projects and planning of the Association and ensure that committee members do the same.
  • SDBA staff liaisons must be present at all official committee meetings.

Expense Policy:

There is no per diem or reimbursement of any expenses incurred by a committee member for attending committee meetings or programs, unless otherwise noted.